1955 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan
(Sold Fall 2000)


Purchased in April 1983 for $1700 with 88,xxx miles. Extremely good solid car, no rust, decent paint, good chrome. Drive train consisted of a worn out 327, three speed column shift and stock 3.32:1 rear end. Interior shot.

A 150 Utility Sedan was also known as a "Business Coupe".  These were built with "NO BACKSEAT" so salesmen could store there wares inside without opening the trunk. Besides no backseat they had no exterior trim, no right side door lock, no right side sun visor and the back windows were fixed and did not roll down. They were priced around $900.00 with no heater or radio. Popular during the 40's and 50's but produced into the early 70's.

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82' 350 Vette engine
Muncie 4 Speed
4 Wheel Power Disk Brakes
Power Steering
Power Door Locks
Tilt/Telescopic Steering
Air Conditioning
6 Way Power Seats
Power Trunk Opener
Digitial Dash
CD Player

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