1965 Chevrolet Corvette

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1965 Corvette Coupe
VIN # 194375S108993
Built Feb 5, 1965
Engine Pad F0203HH (F = Flint, 02 = Feb, 03 = 3rd Day, HH = 327/365 HP)

Started life (supposedly) as a 327/365 HP, Nassau Blue Exterior, Light Blue Interior, 4 speed (M21), 3.70 Positraction and Backup Lights. This was a very common 1965 Vette. However with all old cars it is almost impossible to verify unless there is a paper trail.

When I purchased I was told that one of the previous owner had raced this car hard in the 60s and 70s and then car sat. Then it was purchased sometime in the 80s and again basically sat until sometime during the 90s when it was repainted. And then refreshed in the early 2000s.

Now my interpretation A daily driver car that early on seen lots of weekend mile activity based up older scatter shield, old line lock, 1969 LT-1 type heads, old Hurst shift and E-brake cable move on trailing arm for wider wheel/tires. Somewhere along the line either or both the 90s repaint or 2000 refresh (mini-frame on) was to fix damage(s) from wreck(s). Both nose and rear appear to have had body work. The body is straight but the finish work and paint are best seen from 10-20 feet away.

Now the running gear, the block seem to be the original and quite possible the transmission is but the rear-end gearing is now 3.08:1. The engine had all the correct 327/365 parts (except for idler pulley). The front suspension was original and even had multiple spring raisers to get front end up (old drag racer tricks). The rear was pretty much stock except VBP Smart Struts.

Frame is solid but pitted from the Midwest winters. Part of one of the refreshes appears to be frame cleaning an painted with POR-15. Birdcage is solid except for a few small pit holes in each lower corner of the windshield which I ground, filed, cleaned (acid) and POR-15'd.

Vette was not sold as a #s matching original correct - ???? Just as a used Vette that needed work and the 66,007 mile on the odometer were thought to be correct. I dont know your guess is as good as mine.

Fast forward to August 2007: I have spent the last year upgrading/replacing/fixing/etc. Currently it is a very dependable DRIVER with Power Steering, Power Brakes, Tilt, A/C, composite mono-spring suspension (front and rear), all new wiring, tinted glass, MP3 player, just to name a few items.

Fall 2008: Been gathering parts for fall/winter projects. They include ZZ4 Crate engine, Tremec 5 speed, Centerforce Clutch, Edlebrock Dual Quads, Tubular upper control arms, new steering box, Dynomat rear compartment and many miscellaneous items.

Spring 2009: All fall/winter project complete and now I just drive and drive and keep smiling. 

Fall 2008: Put about 2500 mile on '65 this summer with longest trip to Bowling Green, KY for Corvette Forum Cruise In. New ZZ4 & 5 speed performed flawlessly. Now I'm getting ready for winter projects to include C4 seats, new carpet, 3 point harness & replace body mounts.

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