Wilwood Brakes C2/C3

When I purchased '66 it had 14" Wilwood Brakes on front and stock C2 Calipers on rear.  Everything was new or rebuild including the drilled/slotted rotors on rear. Previous owner never got around to updating rear calipers. Front calipers were black but I prefer Chevy Orange. Wilwoods come Black or Red power coated or natural. Which meant I needed to paint all four (4) calipers. Here is Wilwood kit ==> Wilwood C2/C3 Calipers I ordered the natural.

Painting Rears was fairly easy.

Remove and plug all the fittings.
Wipe down with De-Natured Alcohol.
Lightly sand 400 Grit.
Wipe down again.
3-4 light coats of color.
Apply Decals.
2-3 light coats of clear.

I used VHT High temp primer/color/clear. I've used in the past and it held up for YEARS. If you are going to RACE and get very HOT brakes you may want to use other products.

Front were a little more work. The Powder Coating needs more work to get finish to a scratchy texture. I used 220 Grit. Front also had more crevices to work into. Other then that steps were the same as rears.

** Cover the piston area - I used duct tape :) :)

*** Make sure when you plug fitting holes there can be no possible LEAK of brake fluid. I learnt the hard way on my 1st caliper.

Hope this will give you ideas and possible help.

Click on images for larger view

Rear   Front  
Original C2/C3 Rear Calipers Wilwood 14" Front (Start)
Wilwood Kit 140-10790 Clear Black Front Caliper
Caliper from Kit Six (6) Piston
Sanded, primed & 3 coats Sanded - Primed
Decals applied Original vs Painted
Clear coated and assembled Completed Front View
Original vs Painted Completed Rear View
Drilled/Slotted Close Up
Installed Installed
Supplied Brake Line Complete
Another View Front & Rear
Completed Front & Rear

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