Chevrolet 3844461 "461" Intake
Repair & Re-Skin (Refinish)

Replacing Intake/Carb on my 1966 Vette

I bought my '66 Vette Coupe a done ready to drive car. "Not such thing as DONE". Highly optioned - PS, PB, PW, Tele, Teak, A/C, Powerglide and ???. Frame off  about 2007 and passing through a couple of owners but never really driven (1126 miles). Original build had Holley Fuel Injection but previous owner remove due to it would either start or run but not both at the same time. A Edelbock intake & carb replaced the FI. Started and run OK but during cold weather has the harder starting and high choke RPM and stink characteristics .

I decide to clean-up/change engine bay.  Too many wires and hoses -- just to busy looking. Started by changing out Valve Covers, hoses and air cleaner.

Next for my winter project(s) I wanted to go with Holley Sniper EFI, with that I remembered that I had a "461" aluminum intake in the basement. It came off a previous '65 327/365hp that I swapped out for 2*4 setup. Looking at the intake it was in good shape, no cracks and all thread were OK. Had one (1) Heli-Coil in the carb mount area.
** Also the  plenum was milled many years ago -- an old drag racer thing in the 60's and 70's **
After reading on many web sites the odds-on-favorite are with single plane instead of dual plane with the Sniper EFI so I decide NOT the have plenum restored.

I tried to clean intake using a lot of internet how-to's with not so good results so as I had previous done with aluminum items for repair/refinish I sent to Jerry MacNeish @ and waited. Jerry is the best but if you use allow lots of lead time. BTW.. His process is called RE-SKINNING and is a proprietary process that does not change texture.

After a few weeks I got email/pics back showing bad news. The bottom side of the intake had a couple of holes burnt/rust/??? through. Option to scrap or repair so I had them weld/repair.

After a few more weeks intake finally arrive. :)  Unpacked and installed oil splash shield - I started trying to use rivets but switched to tapping and using 10-32 machine screws & loctite.

This intake is not a pristine as other I have had, look like someone in the past rubbed hard to clean up but with Jerry's magic overall if looks great.

Now ready to install.

Original Build
EFI removed
My cleanup start
Starting point
Milled Plenum
Oil Splash Shield Removed
Close Up
Burnt/Rust/??? Through
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Tap instead of Rivets
Oil Splash Shield
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