C2 Six (6) Tail Lights
w/Sequential Flasher


Ever since I purchased my 1st Corvette (1964 coupe in 1964) I liked and want to go with six (6) tail lights. Now at 75 & many corvettes later I'm doing it. Not a question of right or wrong - NCRS or not - like or dislike -- at 75 it's done "PERIOD" J

My '66 started out with stock red tail light and white backup light. The backup lights didn't work - turned out to be the switch on shifter (PowerGlide) so I replace all four (4) lights with red LED lights with both acting as brakes/directional.

For some of my winter projects (2017) I was replacing Carb with Holley Sniper EFI and replacing PowerGlide with 200-4R overdrive transmission. Which led to removing undercar exhaust to remove transmission & gas tank. Although the gas tank was a Rock Valley SS with in tank pump I need to get to top to reconnect return line and improve wiring from EFI to tank. With tank out it was time to add tail lights.

I had also seen where some had added sequential flashers so I added to my list. Got additional LED light and tail light assembles from Ebay & forum member "ohiovet" (Bruce), The STS-1 flasher here ==> Sequential Flasher.

Install/wiring was fairly easy (with tank out) but cutting hole in painted body is nerve racking. The old saying "measure twice cut once" --- in my case was "measure 20+ cut once". After measure measure measure I made a template and made cut placement easy. Still sawing to perfect body is not something I want to do everyday. Holes are ~3 1/2" but not perfectly round so finished up with hand filing.

Below is series of pics I took along the way and a simple wiring diagram and short video of completed project.

** Do NOT rely on anything on this page ---- do you own homework/thing --- you have been warned **

Click on image for larger view
Stock starting point
Replace stock with LED's
Lights, Assemble
Sequential Flasher
Flip Over for right side
3 1/2" Hole Saw
Left Side
Right Side
Ready for Wiring
I used Posi-Lock connectors
Allows servicing without
removing tank.
Wiring Done

I found the below bracket to hold in tail light assemble on the internet. The ones I made look very similar to these.


Below is short video of completed Job.

Below is short video of 2 lights on 62 Vette ("Plasticman")

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