1969 Corvette Side Pipe Install

Swap out of aftermarket side pipes with
N14 side pipes on a 1969 Vette

Always wanted a Chrome Bumper Vette with Factory Style (N14) Side Pipes
Have had a number of C3's but none with side pipes.
'68 427/435 - '68 327/300 - '79 LS3/525
My '65 Vette 327/365 had Factory Side Pipes with crossover pipe
Purchased latest Vette with aftermarket side pipes
Great sound but very loud and I prefer the look of the factory style

This is not about sound (loud or quiet) or about squeezing out the last ounce of horsepower
The way I want the Vette to look and sound


Ordered pipes and covers from Mike Allen at    "Allen's Stainless Exhaust"
Great person to deal with -- I discussed then ordered a custom (for me but not for him) set of exhaust - 2 1/2" STAINLESS STEEL FRONT to BACK CHAMBERED - normal is 2" aluminized non-chambered. Also ordered Factory Style Side Exhaust Shields (Covers). Both kits came with all necessary hardware to install. Seeing how I was going from aftermarket headers/side pipes I needed new exhaust manifolds, got 2 1/2" ramhorns from JEGS which will need some minor alterations. Only other item needed was a 2 1/2" heat valve spacer and I opted for Band-Clamps instead of supplied U-Bolt types.

One more note on exhaust & covers - they are of the highest quality and again come with all necessary hardware to install.

I'm hoping and pretty sure the CHAMBERED exhaust will sound closer to my '65 that had factory CHAMBERED side pipes. Not quiet but quieter and mellower sound then stock '69 side pipes or after markets. I will determine after installed if I need a crossover pipe like I installed on the '65 which will further mellow out the tone "65 Vette Crossover"

click on images for large view

A few pics after delivery


While this is a page about installing N14 Style Side Pipes -- I am at the same time installing Vintage Air Conditioning -- so there is some overlap on the install -- but you will get the idea on what-is-what

First off is remove old (well really existing - not that old) exhaust. For me it was straight forward just reverse instruction for "Hooker - OBX - Doug" style side pipe install.

Removing Old

With the old removed time to install starting with new 2 1/2" Ramhorn manifolds.  Not a NCRS install and not wanting to modify a set of REAL 2 1/2" manifolds I have in basement I opted to get aftermarket. JEGS had what I needed and were the cheapest. Got two (2) left side manifolds (Dorman 674-504) you could get 1 left and 1 right (Dorman 574-503) but the right side will have heat tube for choke. Also these manifolds do NOT have extra holes for AIR  INJECTION. 
** These manifolds are 1965 Vette HI-Flow 350-365-375HP  as well as other year Vettes **

Manifolds will need to be modified -- mounting brackets need to be removed. I used a band saw to remove most then use grinding wheel and hand held grinder to shape.


Test fit manifold along with A/C bracket. First test fit of exhaust pipe.


Using AIM (N14) to remove lower portion of front fender..


Test fitting of exhaust covers and final cover install.


Manifold - Brackets - Band Clamp - Lap Joint    One Side Done


Drivers side should be same except for removal of
clutch "Z" Bar to remove old headers

Spoke to soon (above statement) -- With hydro-boost getting to the Z-Bar (Clutch Pedal Rod) cotter pin was a challenge getting out and then back in.

Also someone in the past 45 years used a brass screw to hold on rocker molding and buggered the head. Lots of drilling/filing as EZ-Out would not work on brass. Finally, after a slow/careful process installed new nut.


Final Notes:
Left side turned out the be nightmare. Even with using NEW and close to original parts there were some minor adjustments to be made to get everything line up and fit tight. However, down pipe was not correct and therefore could not get pipe up in the cover (it hung about 2” below) and I tried every trick I could think of even had other who had installed or were installers look over my shoulder. Call supplier and explained – he requested pictures which I immediately sent. Three week later and follow up emails and leaving voice message I have yet to hear a single word. Will have to take to muffler shop to get correct bend in pipe or buy and try another down pipe. ** Buyer beware **

I used LOTS of anti-seize on all bolts and header pipe to side pipe joint and insides of band clamp for easy removal in the future.
No exhaust gasket - just manifold to heads.

Had crossover pipe installed and got exact sound I wanted. Very similar to the crossover on my '65


New Look - New Sound -- Now working on installing A/C

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