1999 Corvette


Here is our 1999 Corvette Triple Black Convertible. This is our fourth Vette in the past 36 years.

Our first was a 64' Black/Black Fastback 327/300 HP 4 speed. Next was a 68' Yellow T-Top 427/400 HP 4 speed. And then a 87' Pewter/Grey Ragtop L98 4+3 Speed.  All were fun but then along came the C5.

99 Vette - Slant
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Bowling Green Fall 2000 BackEnd.jpg (69387 bytes) 

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CAGS Eliminator
BPP Vortex Rammer Cold Air Intake
West Coast Corvette High Flow Air Duct
FLP Headers
Corsa Indy's w/Pro Tips
B & M Ripper Shifter
RK Sport Hood
HRE 547 High Polished Wheels
Z06 Stabilizer Bars
Bilstein Sport Shocks
Window Commander
Design Specialties Chrome
Custom Z06/FRC/Targa Top
Home Grown Ideas

Painting Hood Liner

Building Custom Grills

Bassani X-Pipe Install

Front Plate Cover - Velcro

RK Sport Hood

IPC Codes

6 Speed Shifter Replace

FLP Header Install

Fixed Roof Vert

Magna Charger Install

AirBagEmblem.jpg (63523 bytes) SteeringEmblem.jpg (61569 bytes) Trunk RK Sport Hood (88,576 bytes)
Air Bag Letters Steering Wheel Emblem Custom Trunk Insert RK Sport Hood
SillEmblem.jpg (62561 bytes) HoodLiner.jpg (63927 bytes)
Corsa Indy Pro Tips Door Sill Emblem Painted Caliper Hood Liner Emblem
Front01.jpg (58805 bytes) Sml772.jpg (78707 bytes) LeftRail03.jpg (62504 bytes) Vortex62.jpg (53120 bytes)
 Custom Grills  Chrome Engine Parts  Fuel Rail Cover Vortex "RAMMER"
Shifter.jpg (58111 bytes)
Front Letters "C2" Shift Knob Rear End Stainless Steel Letters

 Back End

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