Rebirth of Our Garage (Nov 2001)

Well after many years of debating we finally got around to remodeling the garage. I have built, rebuilt and overhauled you-name-it in this garage over the past twenty years we have lived here and it showed. Over the past few years we have been upgrading the inside of the house and the garage became a major eyesore.

Below is before and after images. In total we spent about $2000 and did all the work ourselves. We got the cabinets from Home Depot on a close out
SPECIAL. I had been looking them and I walk in one day and the were $15 each, instead of $70-$150. I talked to the Manager and took all they had for $10 each. The floor is MotorMat  and was "EASY" to install. The wife and I installed in a day. We went with four (4) colors after much trial and error with designs/colors. The Red border sets the Black & White off and the Gray tones it all down and creates a walkway look.

The STUFF on the walls is mainly left over pieces from previous cars.