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I live in a state (Missouri) that requires a "FRONT" licenses plate on all vehicles. On some vehicles this destroys the overall look, one such is the SSr. I elected not to drill holes and mount supplied bracket. While there other GOOD solutions such as "NOT MOUNTING AT ALL" or specialize brackets, I went a different route.  ** I went with the "NOT AT ALL" on my Vette but the SSr is my daily driver and not wanted to push my luck so I looked at various solutions and found one the peaked my interest. I located a bracket that lowers/retracts via a switch. You can find here ==>> Retract-A-Plate also along with the generic install instructions. I ordered from them and got prompt delivery. ** I am not associated with them other then this purchase **

After receive product and instructions I soon realized that the install was anything but generic/routine. I have tried to record what I did to share with others that may be so inclined to install the Retract-A-Plate.


Some Legal Stuff


Any and all information contained on this website and/or section is provided and intended solely for your entertainment and enjoyment. You should always consult a professionally trained automotive expert before undertaking any modifications to your or anyone else's vehicle.



Below are the steps I used ** NOTE ** you may find a different/easier way:

While I have recorded the main steps please be aware that small things such as tie-wraps for wires/hoses are not mentioned so use your imagination and mechanic skills to fill in the blanks.

After unpacking and sorting out components I decide to install "FULL MANUAL", you can have either "Manual or Automatic" operation.

I started by building wiring harness (RED & BLACK) and putting inside wire looms Then in cab remove the drivers side kick panel . Next locate access plug and run wiring through and fish/snake from inside cab to front of fender on drivers side. While your inside the cab drill a small hole to use for grounding. . Now under the hood, I locate 12+ volts to be used inside fuse block. ** NOTE for wiring diagram Click Here.  Mount solenoid and build a short ground wire . Then connect red from wire loom to 12 volt source. Now back in the cab mount switch where-ever you like. I located mine under the light switch. Connect the wires per wiring diagram. Now for some vacuum - You will need to get a "T" fitting and cut off a small piece of hose supplied with kit  these get connect at very top of intake manifold Simply disconnect existing hose and insert "T" and short hose . I mount the vacuum tank along side of the solenoid using Velcro. First clean both flat surface and bottom of tank  with "Denatured Alcohol"   Put a couple of strips of Velcro on surface and tank you now have solid mount. Now run supplied hose from "T" to vacuum tank inserting Check Valve inline. And a short line from Tank to solenoid that you mounted earlier.  Only one more hose to run and that is from solenoid to Retract-A-Plate.


Now for the hard part. This will take a lot of design work on you part and a little nerve because you will have to CUT a small section from the fascia to get a good install. Again read disclaimer above !!!

First of all remove headlight bar and hood latch cover so you can get good access for mounting bracket which you will have to build. This take a while with lots of trial and error to get it just right but if you have patients it does work. Here is the bracket I ended up with it is constructed from ANGLE aluminum and mounts at the top to front support and at the bottom I drilled a couple of small holes in the fascia to complete the bracket mounting. After final fitting/testing I painted flat black before installing  . Now the the fascia --- the Retract-A-Plate mechanism is just little to big to fit between the fascia and the A/C condensor so I cut a small section and the fit is fine, in fact the curve of the Retract-A-Plate matches that of the fascia. Now I know you have heard this before "MEASURE TWICE & CUT ONCE" I measured 10-15 times and cut only once and was dead on. I didn't get a photo of the final markings prior to the cut but you can get the idea. If you are still with me and didn't bail out when I mention CUTTING fascia then were almost done. Just mount and connect hose from solenoid to Retract-A-Plate. That's it. Now I must admit this project took me about 8 hours but I had to do lots of research/design/manufacturing but the end results is what I was looking for.




Click Here for video (movie) of unit in operation
** NOTE ** this video is about 1 meg ** NOTE*

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