Fixed Roof Vert - FRV
Custom Roof(s)

We definitely like out convertible but also like the looks of the FRC(Z06) and the convenience of the Targa top on the Coupe. Well here is a few steps we have went through to get we consider the ultimate roof style. Our first top was a made from the Tonnaue Cover from the Vert and roof from a donor Z06. The two are molded together along with the header bar (lock down) from damaged Targa roof panel. The top took about 15 minutes and two people to remove and replace the original Tonnaue Cover to transform back to a convert. A linear actuator was added to raise and lower the top for shows. The was accomplish via a remote keyless entry fob.

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After get much enjoyment and many positive comments we were happy! BUT we couldn't leave well enough alone. So now have replace the first roof with a new one. Similar design but added the roll bar from a coupe and the Targa roof panel which can be removed.


A special note *** These beautiful tops we both constructed by a great friend Jeff Mudd.......Jeff my thanks to you!!

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