If you live in state that requires a FRONT license plate but hate the look and are looking for an easy way to show/noshow your plate...

Here is an option....

Click on images below for larger view

Velcro Box

Obtain some Velcro. I got mine from a fabric (sewing) shop.


Velcro on Facia Remove your front cover (two philips screw in the bottom).  Clean surface's where Velcro will be applied with DE-NATURED ALCOHOL. Cut off about a 6 inch strip and place 1 side on the bumper (see image to left).


Velcro on Front PlateAttach the matching strip on the back of the cover (see image to left). Attach license plate with two bolts to front of you Vette. Now cover plate with cover by inserting top of cover in first and pressing bottom. To remove pull out on bottom.


KEY is make sure you clean surfaces good with DE-NATURED ALCOHOL, it will clean and not leave any residue.  Remove after washing and dry occasionally.

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