Custom Grills (Non-Z06)

When the Z06 was introduced with it's front grills everyone seem to rush to install and the results ended up as a "ME TO" add on. While they look good, I like the powder coated color to match ones best, their were too many exact copies. About the same time I was looking for a different/unique look for the front end of my Vette. Being an "OLD" car modifier I remembered back in the 60's when Tube Grills and Nerf Bars were the "HOT" item of the day. I got an idea to try on my C5, just a few plain chrome bars on each side. Having the tools and experience at fabricating and welding I though I would play around with a few ideas. Worst case was I scrap it all and leave front end alone.

Here is some pictures of my "1st" try which I ended up chroming and keeping. I never did even try some of my other ideas.

The steps/pics are as follows:

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Begin.jpg (61790 bytes)

BarStock.jpg (62516 bytes)

Template.jpg (63032 bytes)

Layout.jpg (63264 bytes)


Bar Stock



Cut.jpg (65024 bytes) Assemble.jpg (62618 bytes) Weld.jpg (60288 bytes) Welded.jpg (60972 bytes)
Cut Assemble Weld Welded
Bracket01.jpg (60391 bytes) Bracket02.jpg (59886 bytes) Fit.jpg (61650 bytes) Chromed.jpg (65371 bytes)
Brackets Brackets Fit Back from Chrome Shop
MountHardware.jpg (60994 bytes) Front03.jpg (114858 bytes) Front02.jpg (23188 bytes) Fogs01.jpg (24745 bytes)
Mounting Hardware Installed Close-Up Fogs On

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