Magna Charger
5.7 Corvette LS-1/LS-6

This page is for information for the Magnuson Supercharger and the RK Sport S/C Hood. The kit is from Magnuson Products Inc.  who is the sole distributor of Eaton Superchargers  to the automotive aftermarket in North America. Magna Charger, Inc., a division of Magnuson Products, Inc., develops and markets complete supercharger kits for popular domestic cars and trucks.









C5 Corvette LS1




C5 Corvette LS1

Silver Stardust



C5 Corvette LS1




C5 Corvette LS1

Silver Stardust



C5 Corvette LS1/LS6




C5 Corvette LS1/LS6

Silver Stardust



Powertrain Warranty


This supercharger system utilizes the Magna Charger MP112 supercharger with internal bypass valve.  Torque and horsepower output is improved from 1,500 rpm to 5,500 rpm, giving more "power under the curve" than any other supercharger system available.  Increases in excess of 100+ horsepower and torque have been verified on chassis dynamometers. 

C5 supercharger systems are complete with all components necessary for installation.  Included in the kit is the patented equal length long runner cast aluminum intake manifold and all necessary hardware to complete the entire installation.

Other components in the system include new fuel injectors and extruded aluminum fuel rails.  Factory "push lock connectors" are utilized in the fuel system for ease of installation. 

The included computer programmer communicates with the factory ECU for proper calibration of the supercharger system.  Transmission shift points, line pressures and converter strategies are optimized for use with the increase in torque and horsepower.  Extended power train warranty is available for customer piece of mind. 


These kits are sold by Magnacharger and various Corvette Vendors and Corvette Tuners. I suggest you do your due diligence for price, service, etc.

Below is a collection of pictures I have and will continue to take and add to this page. I purchased the 01-10-57-021 (1999 LS1 Polished) kit. It was delivered March 18, 2003. I also purchased the RK Sport S/C hood. Note *** You will need a different hood to accommodate the S/C ***

The kit came with S/C, High Flow Air Filter, Offset Air Bridge,  Belt, Hoses, Couplers, Injectors,  PCM Programmer, Miscellaneous brackets, etc.

 The Programmer (Superchips Micro Tuner) *** Note *** I believe that this tuner is only for LS-1, you will need to check to be sure **

The instructions appear to be detail and complete with 100+ pictures/steps. Here is an example



** Click on images below for larger view **

Just Received

Out of the Box


No Words

Total Kit

RK S/C Hood


Out With the OLD





Rack & Pinion

Crank & Pulley

Drill Guide


Torque Angle Meter





Supercharger is installed and done. All I need it the hood from the paint shop

Drove home from shop (15 miles) and all I can say is WOW I'm lost for words. I know the new power will leave your pants soiled

Started out slow to insure all was OK (40 mph road - Lindbergh Blvd) for 4-5 miles, then on got onto another "SLOW" road (Page Blvd) headed for the interstate. All this time I was just checking things out and kicking it a little. On the entrances ramp to the Interstate 270 I started pushing a little (3rd gear) and then I hit the interstate I kicked it in the A$$ and the power was overwhelming. It was...Oh hell I can't explain it now, I'm trying to get my jaws unstuck for the permanent smile I now have.

Driving a Black Vette with tinted windows without a hood and polished blower sticking out is just to much to describe the looks you get going down the road.

Now I'm going out in the garage and have another look. Just like a little kid, not a 60 year old

As of 4/3/2003


8 Months Later (12/4/2003)

After 8 months I still have that smile when I drive the Vette. I am extremely please with the product and that is putting it mildly. I made 4 road trips, 3 to Bowling Green, KY and 1 to Kansas City, MO. I can say that driving to work or on the road you will not notice any difference from stock. HOWEVER, just press the gas pedal an you know your not stock anymore. On the highway my gas mileage is about 28.5 which is the same as before the S/C was installed. Those #s are for LONG trips "70-75 mph, 6th Gear using Cruise Control. Around town (normal) driving I get about 19-20 MPG. Spirited drive will get you 12-13 MPG

Well there have been changes to improve an already great product & pleasant experience. I've added some coil pack covers, swapped out CAM & had dyno/tune.

Below is some information on updates.

Home Made Covers

After installing the Magnuson S/C I needed a set of covers for quickly for the CF Cruise In IV and didn't want to spend $400 for a set. So I fabricated a set quickly.

They are just Clear Acrylic sheet covered with Body Filler, primed, painted and clear coated.

Cost about $30.00 Acrylic sheet $8, primer-paint-clear $12, body filler $8, sand paper $4


Templates Acrylic Cut Bent/Formed Trial Fit
  Body Filler/Primed Sanding between coats  
Before After After After


I switched to the '03 LS6 Cam to use with my Magnason Blower while retaining STOCK heads/valves. When I replaced cam also did valve springs, titanium retainers, Manley hardend push rod and dual roller timing chain. Beings the patient was open figured might as well do it all with new stuff.
Be aware the correct push rods, when switching to LS6 CAM and keeping LS1 heads, should be .050 longer (7.450 instead of 7.400). However, you can use your shorter LS1 push rods.
I purchased the (ALL NEW) CAM, push rods, retainers, timing chain and ALL gaskets as a KIT for about $575.

Stock '02/03/04 Z06 Specs ----- 204/218 ---- 551/547 ----- 117.5


Coming Apart Rack/Pinion out Stock Sprockets
Double Roller New Springs/Retainers New Left - Stock Right


I drove for a few months after the install, even made a few passes down the strip. "Don't ask the vette ran fine but the driver sucked". I finally got around to getting dyno/tuned @ MCRacing in Kansas City, MO.

For the record

* 1999 LS1 *** Stock with Vortex 305 rwhp 317 rwtq
* Stock Heads
* FLP Headers
* High Flow Cats
* Vortex Rammer
* '03 LS6 CAM / Manley springs-pushrods / Rollmaster double chain
* Magnuson Blower

I wanted :
(1)VERY CONSERVATIVE tuning, I did not want to squeeze out the last 10+ HP just for posting.
(2) Fuel Ratio (with Blower 11.0-11.2)
(3) Use my LS1-Edit without LOCKING PCM

MCRacing (Nick) was told above over & over and agreed and abided by my request.

After 6 pulls and changes to the PCM we ended up with 431.4 RWHP & 405.9 RWTQ (SAE) and F/R a steady 11.2 ** Rev Limiter still set at stock LS1 6200 RPM !!!

I am very please with #'s I was expecting ~420 RWHP. Nick said he could have gotten another 10 HP easy and still be OK. AND just for post #'s could have gotten at least 25 HP but engine would melt down faster then I could post the #S

For all of you the love #s

Absolute Broderic Pressure 28.87 in.Hg
Vapor Pressure 0.35 Hg
Intake Air Temp 84.1 Degree F
Correction Factor 1.04 SAE

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