Bassani X-Pipe Install

When I decide to upgrade my exhaust system I chose Corsa Indy's w/Pro Tips and Bassani X-Pipe. The exhaust (muffler portion) is truly a personal decision. I listened to and rode in different C5's and made my decision base on when I wanted and did not want from exhaust. I did not care for the extra popping inherent with the stock "H" pipe. This led me to looking for an "X" pipe. I chose the Bassani base on the design, quality of construction and company reputation. No facts here just gut feel. The design of their "X" appears to allow more flow as opposed to two pipes welded together. Also the Bassani is a cutoff and bolt on process, no welding.

The mufflers have been written up numerous times and are a no brainer BUT should be done on a lift. There rear of the car needs to be at least 36" off the ground. Enough about the mufflers.

This work was done on a Saturday morning at a fellow C5'r and forum member (JerryC5) house which just happens to have a lift. He and others (KevsLionel, Gary96LT4 & fcalmes) aided in the install. Thanks guys.

Ok here we go. The X-pipe came package (from Bassani) extremely well BUT no instructions. I tried calling. No answer. I then email asking for instruction. Their reply was there are none. OK, it seems like a sheet of paper with general instruction would help. It turns out the job is easy but torque specification would have been helpful. To the rescue, CORSA. While researching I remember the Corsa had instruction online at their web site.  I downloaded and used as a guideline. 

** A note prior to starting. You will need to buy four (4) Grade 8 bolts 2 1/2 * 3/8 diameter, 4 lock washers and 4 nuts. AutoZone or similar part store should have. 

Parts laid out and checked out.

With car on lift and secure hold X-pipe up against H-pipe aligning at the flanges. I made three marks one at each end of the slip joint and one about 3/8 of a inch in from the mark closest the rear, this is the one to cut on. This will allow some movement if needed. Then I wrapped a piece of tape around the pipes at the mark to be used as a guide. Now draw an arrow pointing to the side of the tape to cut on. Now your ready to cut. NOT. Go back through above steps to double check. I had 2 others double check me out. "Measure twice cut once"  

You can use whatever tool you have and is easiest for you. Choices are reciprocating saw, cut-off tool, torches, hacksaw, etc. I use a cut-off tool to start the cut but there wasn't enough room to finish so I switched to a reciprocating saw. Good blade (DeWalt) needed here. With cutting done remove the 4 bolts (2 each side) from the flanges. Remove H-Pipe. Save gaskets. I then took a file and de-burred the edges of the pipes.

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Exhaust06.jpg (39023 bytes)  Exhaust07.jpg (42607 bytes) Exhaust08.jpg (39671 bytes)  Exhaust09.jpg (35528 bytes)

 If you aren't replacing mufflers slip band clamps provide over the X-pipe and slip over end of pipes. Insert gasket in-between flanges and insert bolts, add lock washers, nuts and hand tighten.

Here is mine after slipping on the X-pipe. Remember I was also replacing mufflers. After you are sure all is lined up the torque flange bolts (37 ft. lbs.) Now roll the band clamps up so they are not the lowest point on your car. Torque to 23 ft. lbs. A little more if you got guts. Start car and check for leaks. 

That's it your done.  

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